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Carbon black in plastic protective effect of ultraviolet
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   General plastic when exposure to sunlight, ultraviolet radiation will produce due to photochemical degradation or aging phenomenon called the light, it will surface cracking, brittleness and mechanical performance. Polyolefin plastics, lightfastness best high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, followed by methyl branching more worst order polypropylene plastic thermal stability as well.
   From the point of view of the mechanism of preventing UV aging, a plastic absorbing ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light energy near the surface of the plastic molecules decompose and generate free radicals and oxidation reaction of the polymer molecules, and polymer produced peroxy again due to reaction polymer aging. Carbon black has been able to prevent the plastic due to ultraviolet radiation and aging, partly because black absorbs ultraviolet light, partly because of chemicals carbon black surface can prevent further decomposition of the polymer.
    UV protection with a choice of black, plastic cable jacket, plastic pipes, plastic sheeting, corrosion resistant steel with plastic tape and plastic commonly used in outdoor automotive plastics, carbon black is usually added to protect against UV aging.

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